Truth be told, this article isn’t about sports. It involves a sports star, yes. But that’s like saying Moby Dick was about a whale. There is so much more….

“I think you should grow a beard,” she murmurs. It’s dark. I can barely see her silhouette as she gets ready to leave. “I think you would look handsome.”

So I did.

Truth be told, that’s why I still have a beard. She is a distant memory, fading away – day by day. Yet, I still have a beard. I trim it every week. Still..

The things we will do for others. Or is it for ourselves?

It’s probably the underlying reason Jimmy Garoppolo took Kiara Mia to Avra restaurant in Beverly Hills. She wanted to. He wanted to. They did.

So what?

Really, that should be the end of this article. It’s not though. Because after Jimmy G, the QB for the San Francisco 49ers, took a porn star out on a date, we got to see what’s behind the curtain. We saw what people are really about. What they crave…


“You’re a child,” she screams. Fire in her eyes. She realizes it’s over. She doesn’t understand. She can’t. How could she?

Maybe I am, maybe Jimmy is. Isn’t it fun though? The excitement of youth – danger, the chase, meeting new people, seeing new reflections of yourself.

We live in the city of youth. You live in the country of age – and out of that country – I saw a bunch of frustrated men and jealous women – attacking with their cheap weapons.

Easy insults from simple people:

“Damn…don’t let this be Jameis Winston. Wow…all the women in L.A., and he picked THIS one. Thoroughly used, I’m sure, but cougars need love too. Just don’t kiss her.”

“No more wondering why he is no longer with the Patriots. Brainless.”



In today’s day and age I thought it was frowned upon to slut shame….I guess that only applies to women who aren’t getting paid. Right?

The most vitriol comes from the slimy sweat blobs that sit behind a mic on sports radio. “This will be the end of his career,” they hiss. “Terrible decision maker!”

They are like your jealous friends. They put down the girls you bring around because they can’t get any quality ones for themselves. They find minor flaws and magnify them. It makes them feel better about their own insecurities.

Don’t hate them though. They have issues you couldn’t possibly understand. Don’t tangle with these animals. Just smile and watch. In a cruel twist of irony, at the end of the day, they settle. They always do.

Jimmy G can date whoever he wants. Period. Just because that doesn’t conform to your cookie cutter lifestyle doesn’t mean he is a “terrible” person.

Maybe you’re the brainless one.

Let’s cut the guy some slack here. He was in Patriots prison for three years. New England makes people want to quit football. Like, for real – the place isn’t fun. He’s like the kid with super strict parents. He goes a little wild when he first gets to college. Freedom – it’s a helluva drug.

Plus, ummmmm he deserves it! The man is 5-0 as the 49ers starting QB. In fact, he hasn’t even lost in the NFL yet. The last time Jimmy Garoppolo lost a start was December 14, 2013, in the FCS quarterfinals, against the Towson Tigers. Let that sink in. He also just inked a five year contract worth $137.5 million, making him the highest paid player in the NFL. Break out the calculators. That’s 27.5 million per year. He can afford as many dates as he wants.

As for her, Kiara Mia’s story is different from most who get into the industry. She wasn’t some clueless 18 year old heading out to L.A – ending up on some casting couch. Kiara spent the better part of her life pursuing a mainstream acting career – landing roles in commercials and movies like Harsh Times alongside Christian Bale. She struggled for years chasing a dream. That’s pretty impressive to me. When did you give up on your dreams? Probably a lot quicker. Probably for something a lot less lucrative.

One thing was sure – there was no “home” to go back to. Once her dream failed, she didn’t have mommy and daddy waiting there to solve her problems:

“I grew up in an alcoholic home. My dad was an abusive alcoholic. My mom was an enabler and she never left my dad. She was of the belief that no matter what a man does you don’t leave. I was the only child for 10 years. Childhood was basically full of fear and anxiety. I was always scared about when my dad was going to come home and beat my mom. I never thought about playing or friends. It was just always this fear about wondering if my dad was going to come home drunk that night.” – Kiara Mia

So, at the age of 32, an age when it is extremely difficult to break into adult films, Kiara entered the industry and thrived.

Sorry if that goes against your morals. Wait, what am I talking about? What morals? God knows what you do in privacy. What horrors you’ve been privy to. Things you wouldn’t even tell your own family.

My point: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Sure, maybe Jimmy G is just having fun with a porn star, but what if he actually liked her? Could he even think of having a relationship? Not with you around. Your eyes constantly watching – squinting with judgement.

Those without sin – throw the first stone – I dare you.