Chicago Bears | QB Free Agent Market

Adam explains why the Chicago Bears will get Derek Carr.


Atlanta has the fourth pick in this year’s draft so it’s going to be a fresh start for them. We don’t think the Falcons deal Ryan though, instead – they use him as a mentor. The fact is, they can’t get rid of him without taking a cap hit north of $40 million in dead money. (Dead money refers to salary a team has already paid or has committed to paying i.e., a signing bonus, fully guaranteed base salaries, earned bonuses, etc.)

They could do what the Texans did with Brock Osweiler and find a team willing to take some of that dead money like the Browns did but they got a second-round pick in return. I don’t know who would be willing to do this though. You have to find a team as dumb as the Browns which is hard to do.

So we see him sticking around Atlanta as their overpaid sensei.

The Texans will probably trade Deshaun Watson to Carolina – The Carolina Panthers’ desperation to upgrade at quarterback became public knowledge after the Los Angeles Rams completed a deal with Detroit Lions to obtain Matthew Stafford. Adam Schefter reported the Panthers offered the Lions the No. 8 pick, a fifth-round selection, and starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater for Stafford. The Texans should cut bait and go full rebuild, maybe swap for Seattle Wilson? But Russ wouldn’t be into that, the Texans are a mess right now and should go full rebuild.

The Bears can’t compete with the Carolina offer, leaving them to overreach for Derek Carr because Nagy and Ryan Pace are in desperation mode. And you know what? We don’t hate it.