Friday night the Cubs opened their weekend series with the Cardinals with a 13-5 ass whooping that added to the roller coaster of emotions Cubs fans have been experiencing all year. Prior to Friday, Kris Bryant entered the game without a homer in his last 119 plate appearances and Cubs fans were freaking the fuck out. Over the past week+ I heard everything from “Bryant’s overrated” “Bryant’s lost it since being hit in the head” “Bryant isn’t clutch” blah blah blah. No you fucking idiots, it turns out it’s just baseball and hitting a baseball is hard. Look I get it, we are kind of fucked up in the head having to go 99% of our lives without our favorite team winning a title but now that we have, must we nitpick every little thing? Jed Hoyer said it best “Bryant is the least of our worries” and no shit. This guy is basically a robot and every time he slumps he comes back with an extended hot streak. The question was raised the other day on ESPN 1000, “Are Cubs fans enjoying this run enough”and quite frankly I think the answer is no. We’ve been spoiled the last 3+ years and need to just take a step back and enjoy the ride. This team is still good, Bryant is still an MVP candidate and the sun will rise tomorrow.

Always remember Cubs fans, things could be much worse. We could be the Cardinals. This year alone the Birds lost their top pitching prospect Alex Reyes to another injury, Dexter Fowler is batting .170 and still owed $66 mil, Mike Matheny is a moron and they have to live in St. Louis.