It’s kind of hard to explain but I think most NBA fans get where I’m coming from when I say there’s something special about this kid. Kid, yes. At 20 years old, a kid is exactly what Jayson Tatum is, yet he shows unprecedented maturity and is on the verge of being the first player not named Lebron James to win the Eastern Conference Finals since 2011. For the record I still think the Cavs take this series and Lebron puts this team in its place but Tatum is undoubtably special. I understand all the Ben Simmons (he cant shoot for shit) and Donovan Mitchell hype but theres something about this guy that they just don’t have. Tatum has that Lebron/KD mystique we only see every 5-10 years. Win or lose this series, this guy is an emerging star and if you disagree you’re a fucking moron. As a Chicago sports fan, you’d think a Boston Celtic from St. Louis would be the last player on earth I’d be rooting for and 9 times out of 10 you would be right. This is that one time. Tatum is bound for greatness and I look forward to embracing it for the next 15 years.